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insulated windows shutter  WSE60:

 shutters are the preferred solution for architects and designers. This is because it is more durable than others, and it is the ideal solution for places that need more safety and protection.  

Provides great views when opened and complete privacy when closed. From outdoor rooms to porches and other outdoor balconies, automatic shutter windows provide a unique design style that complements your home.


Slide height: 6 cm and thickness: 1.2 mm. 

It is used for windows up to 5 meters wide and up to 3.8 meters high 

  • Without lighting holes. 

نوافذ شتر

the engine :

The window can be opened manually or automatically by the motor

We have two types of excellent engines available: 

  • Somfy made in France. 

  • Nice Italian industry.

A wired or wireless wall switch can be installed, or it can be controlled remotely by a remote control.

somfy motor
nice motor
Applications and features: 

Shutter windows are designed for moderate use, and are characterized by a metal curtain made of tempered and painted aluminum with several options to cover all needs.

We offer a variety of styles and styles to ensure the best fit for your unique site. Some popular applications for windows include:

  • Aluminum windows and windows.

  • Aluminum facades and doors  for rooms overlooking the indoor pools.

  • Partitions between rooms.

  • Garage. 


And we offer you a wide range of colors to to cover all needs.

We also provide you with many motors and models that give you various advantages that cover all requirements . 

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