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who are we

Al-Yamamah Doors Company is considered one of the leading companies in the manufacture and installation of doors, windows and automatic systems of all kinds. The company owns one of the most important and largest factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We manufacture all types of automatic doors and windows with international specifications by using the best raw materials and using With the hands of a technical workforce with full experience and competence to manufacture and install high-quality products suitable for all markets

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our upbringing

Al-Yamamah Doors Company was established in 2010 by a group of administrative and professional minds with high experience and training in this field, which always seeks to keep pace with development and follow up on all new things in the field of services provided by the company, especially in the field of manufacturing automatic doors and windows. Always looking for the best ways to secure products that suit all tastes and keep pace with development 

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Our vision

 The first and primary goal of our company is to satisfy customers and secure the best products for them, so all members of the company work on this principle as we try hard to secure the best products of the highest quality. Manufacture of automatic doors and windows and permanent work on the development and expansion of the factory and the development of human cadres through the latest methods of research and training to form a distinctive mix capable of meeting the market continuously and reaching the consumer as soon as possible by spreading our branches in most regions of the Kingdom and offering our products and fulfill their requests

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One of the things that Al-Yamamah Company cares most about is customer comfort and satisfaction, and it seeks to secure the best products with fast times and high quality, and constant interest in after-sales services and maintenance, as we respond to customer requests as quickly as possible through our qualified teams in most regions of the Kingdom

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