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Siding Gate System:

One of the automatic gate systems, it is installed on the Sliding gates to control the opening and closing of the gate easily by remote control. With the following:

1- Durability and strength, as the transmission of this system is manufactured to move  gates up to 4 tons.

2- It has electro-mechanical parts, which reduces the maintenance process.

3- Able to open a gate with a width of up to 20 m.

4- Resistant to heat and weather conditions as it is designed for outdoor use.

5- The system is operated with an operating key and remote control via a remote control.

6- The gate opens with a manual release system to operate incase of power failure.

7- We have many Models to cover all needs.

Components of  Sliding  Gate Gystem

The automatic gate system consists of the following devices:

1- An electronic control panel to control the gate and other accessories.

2- Engine  .

3- A wall switch (Key Switch).

4- 2pcs Remote control .

5- Flasher.

6- photocell.

7- Racks to be installed on the gate.

Models of automatic cloud gate devices

bk 2200 ابواب اليمامة
Faac ابواب اليمامة
BFT ابواب اليمامة
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