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American sectional Overhead Doors

ابواب الامريكية
ابواب الشرائح المقطعية
محرك liftmaster 3800 ابواب اليمامة
محرك الابواب الامريكية
صيانة ابواب امريكية
وكيل ليفت ماستر


 The American sectional door from Al-Yamamah Doors Company has a special design that gives it extra strength and durability

  • Panel:  made of high quality, rust-resistant galvanized iron according to the American standard ASTM653, and painted with thermal polyester paint, suitable for intensive use, to give the highest possible rust resistance.

  • Insulation: It uses the best types of foam with pressure around 40 kg / m2 to give stability and high efficiency in heat insulation.

  • Tracks:  are made of galvanized and rust-resistant iron with a special design that has been developed to give stability in the performance and movement of the door in all weather conditions.

  • Bottom Bar:  made of reinforced aluminum with a beautiful design to protect the door from washing water and rain.

  • Rubber Seal: A high-quality calf that fits under the front to prevent dust and dirt from entering under the door.

  • Side lock: to provide additional protection when traveling.

Available shapes:


Sectional overhead Doors are available in two basic profile to cover all customer needs:

- Underline (pin strip). 

- Squares (Raised panel).

Available Colors:

American Sectional doors are available in several colors to suit

All tastes:

White - cream


The Motor:

Garage doors can operate manually or by motor, and the company has many motors that suit all sizes and uses.

- The door is controlled remotely by a remote

- The door can be opened manually in an emergency through the manual conversion mechanism in the motor.

-Photo cell: sensors can be added when additional protection is needed for children.



Used in homes.

work shops.

fire fighting buildings.

Additional options:

- Control the door via Wi-Fi. 

- Special colors as per customer request. 

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